Semalt Expert: Consumers Need Content, Not Ads!

When it comes to website optimization, you should take user experience into account and don't depend on irrelevant content and fake advertisement tricks. Even when your site is designed beautifully and professionally, there are chances that you will not get the desired results because of fake traffic and referral spam.

The expert from Semalt, Oliver King, reports that the major reason several websites are blocked in the search engine result is poor product placement clips. Moreover, irrelevant sidebar ads always push the visitors away from your site. InsightsOne conducted a survey back in March 2013 of Americans, in which nine out of ten individuals claimed that they encountered annoying and stupid ads on the internet.

The source revealed that the ads on website sidebars and in email content were one of the most irritating ad placement options on the internet. A lot of respondents compared the print junk emails to social media ads, and the InsightsOne survey suggested that sixty percent respondents acknowledged being irritated by odd ads for services and products they never wanted to see. Over thirty percent individuals said that they had left the websites and irrelevant content, and ten percent stopped using the advertised products altogether. All this happened because the promotional copies and annoying ads made them feel bad.

You should notice that ten percent stopped using the advertised products if the promotional copies were intrusive on the internet. Brands are aware of the fact that they should use the World Wide Web for increasing their bottom line and for improving their site conversion. If they populate the internet with lots of websites and fake traffic, they will do more harm than good as the abundance of advertisements and overly promotional content will ruin the reputation of their brands. Marketers need to maintain a balance between informative and educational content marketing and over optimized marketing strategies.

They should not forget that even the best and most influential brands cannot place their ads for products and services everywhere on the internet, convincing the users to buy their items. For years, content marketing has helped companies and brands reduce the harmful effects of web marketing. All the brands should engage the users with powerful strategies, write and publish SEO-friendly content and blog posts, and use white hat SEO strategies to attract users towards their products and services. This way, they will not need to place their ads everywhere randomly as it is the organic process that will help brands increase the sales. It will also strengthen the relationship between the brands and their customers to a great extent.

The brands will achieve the desired results with this process, and the best perk is that it is an ongoing process. Thus, they can develop a powerful and long-term relationship with their new and existing clients. Marketers who focus on splitting their budget between content creation and paid ads will have to allocate more time and money for the organic procedures, as well-written articles will engage a large number of customers automatically. Even the useful and informative ads will not gain the immediate results but will leave a negative impact on the minds of your clients. So, you should focus on methods that ensure long-term outcomes and stop placing ad units haphazardly.

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